For The First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley; Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, In a Public Safety Campaign Commerial for Mayor Cory Booker!

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Let the historical record forever reflect that the man pictured above, William Bradley 72 (approx.) (known today as Mustafa Shabazz) is the sawed-off shotgun assassin of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz). He is the man who fired the first and deadliest shot which ripped through the chest of the powerful Black leader on that cold 21st day of February, 1965. Time has caught up with him, and he can no longer lurk in the shadows waiting for his eventual end without having his dastardly deed made known. Mr. Bradley must now face the historical music in the land of the living. Then how ironic is it that “Willie” Bradley appears in a recent public safety campaign commercial for Mayor Cory Booker. The killer appears at 8 seconds. Download it on “Real Player Plus”, because we don’t think it is going to be up very long.

In light of the recent outrage over the parole of  Talmadge Hayer (aka Thomas Hagen), the only one of the five real assassins to be tried and convicted for the murder of Malcolm X, and the fact that other media outlets had gotten  hold of our research and were planning to break this story, it was decided by myself and a committee of eminent scholars to publish it now. The five assassins came out of the Nation of Islam Mosque number 25 in Newark (now Masjid Ali Muslim) located at 257 S. Orange Ave, and are Benjamin Thomas, Leon Davis, Wilbur Mckinley, Talmadge Hayer, and William Bradley. It was Bradley who was especially chosen by Thomas, the ring’s leader, to handle the sawed-off owing to his infamous reputation on the streets of Newark, N.J. as a “stick up man” and bank robber, the city where he still lives today “hidden in plain sight”. He can be found on almost any given day, a large grandfatherly type figure, at the First Class Championship Development Center, a gym located at 936 Bergen Street which is owned and operated by his wife, long time activist Carolyne Kelley-Shabazz. She has her own interesting story. A one time supporter and intimate acquaintance of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, she emerged later to become one of the most well-connected cronies of former Mayor and convicted felon, Sharpe James. In addition to the gym she owns quite a bit of real estate, providing for herself and her husband – the killer of Malcolm X – a very comfortable standard of living. Are you outraged yet?

Because no film footage of the assassination is known to exist (an audio does exist), the best we can do is rely on Spike Lee’s extraordinary cinematic depiction of it, if only to gain a sense of William Bradley’s brutality and viciousness. Sources close to this story say that Lee took great pains to ensure the actors playing the assassins actually resemble them. The close up shot of the Bradley character appears 15 seconds in, and then the rest of the tragic scene plays out.

Listen to the newly paroled other killer, Talmadge Hayer, describe in detail how he, Bradley, and the other three goons snuffed out the life of a man described by Ossie Davis as our “Black shinning prince”.


William Bradley Calmly Walked Away

For the first time in history we are revealing perhaps the most closely held secret in the Black Muslim community of Newark, one which William Bradley certainly thought he would take to his grave. That secret being that Bradley literally walked away from the murder in plain sight of policemen, which was captured on film by an unknown cameraman and has appeared in scores of documentaries! In the following clip, which almost all of us have seen at least once, Bradley is seen acting like he wants to join the attack on Talmadge Hayer, who is being dragged away by the police. He enters the scene at 33 seconds wearing a long black coat with what looks to be a newspaper sticking out of his pocket. He disappears for a few seconds and then calmly walks across the frame at 43 seconds closing his coat. And he has walked away now for the last 45 years.

Has William Bradley Been Protected?

Although his name has been in the public domain now for well over three decades, ever since 1977 when Hayer filed his affidavit with famed lawyer William Kuntsler naming his accomplishes, nevertheless a face has never been attached to the name. Historian and member of the committee researching this story, Zak Kondo, published a marvelous book two decades ago on the assassination of Malcolm X, wherein he explored quite a bit of biographical material on the five assassins. Spike Lee even named the five killers in the credits of his movie. But in all of these years none of them, including “Willie” Bradley, has ever filed a libel suit. And for good reason – they would lose. That would not only expose them to being charged with the murder, but even more frightening, having their images – their faces – plastered before the world. And while this article only identifies Bradley, more will be coming out on the others in time. The only one known to be deceased is Benjamin Thomas, who took a .44 – caliber to the face at point-blank range in a domestic dispute in Florida in 1986.

Keeping his face out of the public for all these many years, along with changing his name, has allowed him to blend in with normal people and even accept a civic award or two. Our sources told us that just last month Willie Bradley received some type of citation from Mayor Cory Booker’s office. We also learned that this past winter, Bradley received an “Old Timers” award from the Newark Athletic Hall of Fame for his high school baseball talents. And now he feels comfortable enough in his old age and anonymity to appear in a campaign aid for Booker. Incredible!

But our research has convinced us that someone is protecting Bradley.  Although he is a very dangerous multiple felon, no mug shot at all exists in his criminal record (which we have). Also, when you plug his name into the New Jersey State Convicted Felon Registry, nothing comes back for William Bradley or a Mustafa Shabazz of his age. We also learned that in 1968, just three years after he cut down brother Malcolm, he committed a bank heist is Jersey with two other men, yet they went to prison AND BRADLEY DID NOT! Whats more, there is no explanation for why he was allowed to go free either. Was this his “get out of jail free card” for assassinating Malcolm X? We need answers to these questions. When we questioned our sources about these strange things their answer was very blunt, “Bradley has been working for the ‘Feds'”. What connection if any did Bradley have with J. Edgar Hoover’s infamous Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO)? Our government needs to open up the books and come clean on this assassination.

What You Can Do

Obviously we cannot go into any detail about how we obtained this very sensitive information, that would almost certainly put people’s lives in danger. We have been researching this for many years now and are absolutely positive that Bradley is who we say he is. As far as the government is concerned this is a closed case, but closed cases can be re-opened with sufficient public outrage. Perhaps now that we have an African-American President and Attorney General, the people can start demanding some answers for why these men have been permitted to remain on the streets. This is an affront to decent society and an outrage.  It is also the last unfinished business of the Civil Rights Era. You can direct your calls and letters to;

Attorney General Eric Holder (here)

District Attorney for Manhattan, Cyrus Vance (here)

(Correction: Ben Thomas was killed with a .44 – caliber, not a .357 as originally reported)

  1. HU Prof says:

    Al humdullilla!

    The history books now have a new chapter to be inserted.

    I appreciate all that you have done to clear the fog over MX’s death (murder).

    In the end, we all have to answer to Allah, and Bradley will no doubt have to face Him with his dastardly deed recorded.

    Do you know if Bradley is Muslim? if so, when did he “revert”?

  2. factcheck. says:

    the murder of malcolm x is, unfortunately, one of the historical events whose story will never be truly known for some time.

    what it is not is a simple black and white tale. there were plenty of players interested in malcolm’s demise, not limited to just the federal government. what is true, and what we do know about gov’t m.o. at the time, is that some assistance was given by the feds in order for the deed to be done, as with other assassinations from outside the black power mvmt. often times in these scenarious, those doing the deed have no idea that the assistance received was even FROM the government. informants were plenty in that time, as were operatives, disguised as every day people.

    what i, or any intelligent person, would find hard to believe is that this man would have been actively “protected” for 30 odd years by the government. the fact that he got off the robbery charge simply indicates to me that he snitched on the other two, not that he’s some highly paid cia agent. the folks he would have been working with are long gone.

    his usefulness to the federal government has come and gone. he’s in his 70’s and obviously been active in his community. a proclamation by the current mayor for his service to young people proves no additional point to me other than that he talks to young people on the corner every now and again. his wife owning real estate proves no other point than that she, like other black people in newark connected to sharpe james, has a little money.

    its truly shameful that those involved in malcolm x’s death have gotten away with it for so long. what’s not useful is winding together pieces of information that have little connection to try to paint a picture of some fat cat high level operative. deploying unnamed sources of dubious knowledge doesn’t fill in the story either. it just adds mystery and intrigue, and frankly, gossip to fill the void.

    but i do think you’re right in one respect: its time to open up the books on the assassination and the cointelpro ops around this time. let’s see what’s really what, and how much the feds even knew. so many players abound and so much money and power to be had, it does beg the thought that perhaps gov’t handlers may not have had as much control of the situation as we give them in our narratives. some things we’ll just never know.

    • Rob says:

      Damn Fat check i couldnt have said it better myself. While i do others got off, they making a conspiracy out of anything. U mean to tell me he going to get out of jail for any crime he committed years later. They dont work like that.

      • Ed says:

        Just like Rob said yall make conspiracies out of anything. First of all if anything the FEDS weren’t working with this guy, if they were they would want to infiltrate the Nation of Islam not MAlcolm X. Then he working with the Feds and robbing banks. The Feds already used him going by yall theory. Who knows the specifics of the case. The FEDS wasn’t telling people MAlcomlm X is “worthy of death”, NOI were. The head person in the killing got 44 years and he even said they were basically told by NOI, FEDS had nothing to do with it.

  3. @Factcheck

    Let me address the issues you raise. You call yourself “factcheck” because presumably you believe that there is going to be a nice little paper trail as if I were writing on someone like, say, Abe Lincoln or something. Getting this kind of information is dangerous business, and I wouldn’t dare put people’s lives in that kind of peril just because you want some kind of so-called “fact check”.

    Second of all, the government can protect an older asset’s identity by merely sanitizing his criminal record and removing critical items like mug shots or other such items, for example. Another way is to refuse to open up critical police and intelligence documents to the scholarly community, which is exactly what the F.B.I and the New York Police Department are doing. Only a tiny segment of the government documents related to this assassination have been released to the public. What the government is protecting in 2010, we believe, is not so much Bradley the person, but the history of its role in this horrific murder.

    You left us with the question of why these men were never pursued by law enforcement even though they were named in a sworn affidavit by one of their accomplishes. That is precisely the point isn’t it? It is more than just “shameful, as you said, but a question that demands an answer. My question is; why are you trying to defend a person against what would amount to a monumental slander if not true, when the person himself has never in his life denied the charge or sued to protect his “good name”? It is Bradley and the other killer’s silence itself which is the most damning indictment against them. We have put the information out there and have performed our duty as scholars and researchers. After that, anyone is free to think whatever they want. But quite frankly, I question the motives of people who bring weak and nonsensical arguments as you have done to defend a killer like this.

    • RedClay says:

      Why do you judge it weak & nonsense? At least he is DOING SOMETHING, which counts for a lot.
      Somebody us asking questions, maybe you can suggest some BETTER QUESTIONS to ask so that this injustice does not just fade away into the past of Civil Rights’ untimely deaths!

  4. lancelot45 says:

    Abdur-Rahman Muhammad,
    Kudos, Brother for your diligence and courage. Unlike “fatcheck”, I appreciate the research and dedication it took to make this information known. The funny (and pitiful) thing is that he/she no doubt fancies him/herself an “intellectual”. The bottom line is this, just because people don’t agree with how the material is packaged or presented, doesn’t diminish the validity or power of the actual content. So again, I appreciate what you’ve done and would love to know more or get involved directly in future endeavors of his sort. “Holla at ya boi!

  5. kwame says:

    Thank you for your diligence on this tragedy and miscarriage of justice. We must demand that the government release every shred of evidence in this case. The possibility that one or more of Malcolm’s killers never left NJ is mind blowing.

    These are very serious charges. I support Bradley’s right to defend himself and answer to these charges. As it stands now these are just accusations.

    I wonder, too, why Bradley would kill Malcolm and then take the name Shabazz? Very odd.

  6. jamil abdulahad says:


    Yes, espcaially since Mustafa is a Muslim now and is our brother. He diserves 70 excuses

  7. kwame says:

    Brotha Jamil,

    I’m not a Muslim. Im an African traditionalist.

    Mustafa deserves a fair trail like anyone else.


    • Adamu abdullahi says:

      Apparently what you claimed to have said you were 100% right,as an African traditionalist
      Follower,but in our religion.islam forgive and forget what you did or performed before converted,the day he emberance islam as a religion. Allah forgive all the sins he comitted.indeed,Allah will compensate el-shabaaz with what is far better than justice made by people in this material world,so this how islam does and no one will question why, its Allah decree then we muslim accept it as the way they take it easy and leave it.

      • RedClay says:

        Higher justice is always the best way to go…..all the facts are known on that level, a person’s heart is known

  8. checkfact says:

    armed robbery & walks free? Mug shots disappearing from a police database? Either someone hacked into a police database or a police deleted information from the database. Why would either a hacker or police erase a mugshot? To hide a picture? Why would someone want to hide a picture? So someone couldn’t be identified? Why wouldn’t someone want to be identified? Is it because there is no statute of limitations on murder? Who would be concerned about no statute on murder? High level government officials who deleted the picture? Maybe it was a hacker? Isnt there usually a physical picture somewhere? So why wasnt the picture replaced? I’m not going to jump to conclusions. Those are just the questions that came to my mind.

  9. I find it ironic that Factcheck, who presents himself as someone who checks things out, hasn’t read Baba Zak Kondo’s powerfully explosively informative book, “Conspiracies: Unraveling The Assassination Of Malcolm X” . I read this book when it was first released in 1994. And I’ve spoken with Zak several times since then. He’s a very passionate brother, a Black Nationalist, Pan-Afrikanist and Afrikan-Centered brother, who is dedicated towards the liberation of Black people everywhere. It’s extremely informative and contains documented facts, FBI files acquired through “The Freedom Of Information Act”, etc. His handlers, The FBI , CIA, and New York City Police dept. would make sure that much of this information were not available. So it stands to reason that the sources for this article should and would be protected. Thats’ what real reporters do, protect their sources. This was a most cowardly and dastardly deed and has set the Black race back by perhaps a hundred years, in our quest to be free. I’m glad that more information is being revealed. Thanks for writing this highly informative article. Baba Olatunji

  10. NatTurner187 says:

    First thing, let us all be clear that what was done on February 21st ,1965 was an ASSASSINATION not just a murder. As what has been expressed by some in these comments , it has been a setback for the Black Liberation Movement.
    What is most interesting is that this information is just now being released , is that Thomas Hagan aka Talmadge Hayer is about to be released on parole this week April 28th 2010.
    All of this is not an accident, but an orchestrated plan that is a continuation of the work of COINTELPRO.
    Indeed if this person has been implicated in being a hand in the assassination of Brother Malcolm, he should be punished for such a crime against the Black Liberation Movement.
    In addition, Thomas Hagan should never see the light of day on parole. Hagan has already been quietly on work release for over 20 years.
    I smell pig in the air !!!

  11. kwame says:

    @ bro. turner,

    im not really smelling the pig. the conspiracy was the US government orchestrated destruction of the black freedom movement. on that i think we agree.

    hagan/hayer has been on work release since the 80s–how is that “quietly”? his sentence was 20 to life, if i recall correctly. he served to dimes, got work released, denied parole a gazillion times, he is damn near 70 years old. doesn’t sound like much of a conspiracy to me.

  12. NatTurner187 says:

    Also everyone who is outraged about the release of Thomas Hagan, they should go to the site for the New York State Board of Parole, and email them about objecting to the release of Hagan. And pass the info on to others.

  13. moorbey says:

    Bet that tie up the phone lines.

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  15. Angela Adams says:

    I was born 8/26/65 but I tell you that I feel the loss of Brother Malcolm just as surely as if we had walked the earth together. There are no words to express how hurt I am that the one who put a whole in the chest of the man that was strong enough to stand on his convictions for us is still walking around. If ever someone should spend life in prison with no possibility of parole, this man should. What he took away from us we cannot begin to measure. He took our prince, our manhood, our shining star. My heart aches.

  16. Abu muaawiya says:

    This article is very enlightening but the fact remains that if he did the crime or not he was ignorant at the time this is obvious
    and from our religon their is somthing called taubah(repentence) and it’s clear at least to me that’s what has taken place the knowlegde in our religon is very important an the beliefs of the Muslims also so the publisher if muslim should question his intentions .we all love malcom an Allah best what kind of benifit we would have from our dear brother but, we don’t worship malcom we should be concerned with our own’s not for public to judge our good brother mustafa but,his judgement is with Allah lord of the worlds . Salam alaikum rahmatullah.

  17. Kwame Madden says:

    Abu Muaawiya, the Newark branch of the Nation of kufr had alot of criminals and brother Mustafa, it looks like, was among them. Loving brother Malcolm also means wanting justice and bringing his killers to a courtroom to be tried.Thanks to Abdur-Rahman and his dynamic investagative jouralism more light is being shed on who was really responsible for the death of our brother Malcolm. Also we ask Allah to protect Abdur-Rahman because there are many old heads from that time period who were loyal Nation followers who to this day are glad that Malcolm was gunned down so brutally. He was Judus who betrayed the messenger [false messenger] who taught him everything he knows. I’m sure Mustafa and those goons who participated in this dastardly deed are sweating bullets right now.

  18. lancelot45 says:

    I spoke often (prior to his passing) to Brother Robert L. Haggins, who was Malcolm’s photographer, and he told me many stories about those last tension and trouble-fillled days. I miss him. The one thing that bothers me about the NOI zealots of then and now is that there were/are those who hated/disagreed/envied Malcolm to the point where they felt that his life should be taken. Did he not have the right to raise and nurture his family despite his differences with the Nation? Killing that man in that fashion was the embodiment of cowardice. Unfortunately it appears that this act served to further embolden the “thug” faction in the NOI to commit similar attrocities such as the Hanafi murders in 1973. The logical questions for me are:
    1. If the governemnt in it’s many forms (CIA/FBI/DOD/NYPD/BOSSI/etc) was not complicit in the murder, then why do the remaining files remain classified 5 decades after the fact?
    2. Why no follow-up on Hayer’s 1977 affidavit and subsequent confessions?
    3. Why did undercover police and government agents in the audience in the Audubon do nothing in response or the aftermath of the shooting.
    4. Why did the NYPD release the second suspect? (Second suspect was recalled by Herman Ferguson, Mr. Haggins, and others, as well as mentioned in the earliest press releases immediately after the assassination on Feb 21, 1965)

  19. HHS says:

    Is the man pictured not Carolyn Kelly Shabazz’s husband?

  20. […] of one of Malcolm X’s killers. You’ll have to judge for yourself. Here’s a bit of what Muhammad has to offer: Let the historical record forever reflect that the man pictured above, William Bradley 72 […]

  21. Kwame Madden says:

    Hopefully the muslim community and the black nationalists in Newark , NJ will come together and see that these men face a court of law. I have no pity for these Nation of Kufr hooligians who conspired to kill our Black shinging prince.You better believe they took great joy in this assassination along with many of the blind cult followers of this group at the time.Yes, indeed the government defintely was involved also covered up crucial facts concerning the assassination.

  22. […] From Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a D.C.-based historian and independent scholar who runs the blog, A Singular Voice: […]

  23. Imam Shakur Abdulrahim, BA,MHC,IMRC,IWRC.PVEC,Long-time Community activist says:

    As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum (God’s Peace/Safety/Security Be Upon You).. MY Dear Beloved People pof all faiths/religion and socio-economico-politico persuasions.. i’m very sad and angered by this particular Internet Buzz!!!.. I’m a certified and very qualified Therapeutic Consultant and I need some Anger Mgmt Therapy right about now b/c of this article and emotional videos!!!… i’ve posted a ta’leem (knowledge) on “let me know islam” as a response to this slander/gossip/defamation of character of one our Beloved Shaykhs (Elders/Seniors)!!! I’m not going to repeat it here but please view it, if u’re a fair-minded person and i would love some feedback as soon as possible!!!. I loved and still love Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz (Malcolm X) (RA) (May Allah (The One God Creator) forgive his shortcomings). I accepted the Islaamic faith as a youth in 1966 in Newark ,NJ at Muhammad’s Mosque #25, now Masjid Ali K. Muslim. when we were all followers of the Hon Elijah Muhammad (RA) (May Allah (God) forgive his shortcomings) and we absolutely loved him too!!!. I am and have been one of the Imams (Islamic chaplains/ministers) and Qur’anic ‘Arabic (Fusha [classical , pure ‘Arabic] Instructors in the metropolitan area for decades…and what???!!! I don’t care what country a person has come from or gone to… who hasn’t alledgedly or actually made errors/mistakes/shortcomings/sins and still are, no matter what their faith/beliefs?… I believe that We all need to repent and turn back to the belief/faith in the Oneness/Uniqueness of Allah (THe One God Creator) b/c we are living in The Last Days, I believe, anyway!!! Please don’t ever think that the Anti-People Program called “Co-InTelPro has been discontinued or that it hasn’t been exported to other countries around the globe, even Jewish, Christian , Muslim , Hindu, Taoist, Socialist, Communist, etc countries!!! May Allah (The One God Creator) forgive and have Mercy on all of us!!! holla back! this is da’wah (an invitation/call to understand) Luv U all for the Pleasure of Allah(The One God Creator)

  24. Imam Shakur Abdulrahim, BA,MHC,IMRC,IWRC.PVEC,Long-time Community activist says:

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  25. blksista says:

    Why indeed was this William Bradley allowed to slide. And the rest of his co-assassins?

    It doesn’t pass the Smell Test.

    Instead of Oprah interviewing the likes of jumpoff Rielle Hunter, she should highlight one of her last daytime shows with Thomas Hagan. Now, that would be interesting. He ought to sit down with her and really name some names. Hell, she’s got nothing to lose.

    Malcolm and Betty are gone now, but there needs to be some justice served before their daughters leave this earth.

    • P.J.Andreadakis says:

      The daughters? How about the healing of the national conscience, the little that’s left these days as this country continues devouring itself. I’m a former resident of Jersey, who happily ran for the hills sixty years ago and never looked back. The blood stained state has never passed the “Smell Test” in any regard. Smart people are beginning to move, belatedly, back to the South. I can only pray Bradley gets what he has coming and that his “protectors” are brought to lifetime imprisonment.

    • RedClay says:

      Keep talking, Sister, you are onto something! May Allah forgive, but murder is not a “weakness ” or a “shortcoming” as am reading above. It is a wanton desecration of Allah’s Creation and interruption of his will and plan to bring about human unity.

  26. John Judge says:

    I commend the ongoing research into this key political assassination by Abdur-Rahman Mohammed. I helped to organize a panel of researchers and eyewitnesses to reveal the truth about the murder of Malcolm X over the last three years. The first two were held at the scene of the crime, the old Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, now restored in part as the MalcolmX/Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial, Educational and Cultural Center. The event this year, on the 45th anniversary, was held at Judson Memorial Church, and featured an eyewitness, Roland Sheppard, who described the shotgun-wielding killer and saw him later in the NYPD Police Station acting as if he worked there. That could be who protected him, along with the corrupt court and police system that did more to put Malcolm X in harm’s way than to protect him and that failed to identify and prosecute the real killers in this case, as in so many assassinations of prominent figures where patsies are convicted to hide the role of the government in the crime. Hagan shouild be asked to identify this photo and to tell all he really knows about the assassination. As was the case with Dr. King’s murder, the CIA CHAOS, FBI COINTELPRO and RYBAT and the Army Intelligence GARDEN PLOT AND LANTERN SPIKE programs were busy both surveilling and attempting to “prevent the rise of a Black Messiah”. Perhaps the family of Malcolm X should bring a civil suit against Hagan and use the trial to discover the true assassins, as was done by the King family in Memphis. Excerpts of the testimony of eyewitnesses and researchers are available at the website for Coalition on Political Assassinations, COPA at We continue to push for release of records regarding Malcolm X, and we are close to getting legislation proposed for a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Records Act that could effect the release of millions of pages of records, as did the JFK Assassination Records Act we helped to draft and implement. The real truth behind these political assassinations of the 60’s, if told, would expose the entire national security state, the military-industrial-intelligence complex, and the current fortress state that continues to oppose dissent and the real change Dr. King and Malcolm X gave their lives for.

  27. garyandlana says:

    thanks for information , keep writing thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. Wow! Unbelievable!

  29. Kwame Madden says:

    Geneva your right it is unbelievable, but lets make its believable by making sure these men are brought to justice.This is one way of loving Malcolm by making sure that his killers do some time in the slamer.

  30. Imam Shakur Abdulrahim, BA,MHC,IMRC,IWRC.PVEC,Long-time Community activist says:

    As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum (God’s Safety Be Upon U), it’s been about a week since I received this info and it still makes me sick in my stomach!!!Brother Abdur-Rahman Muhammad can we please have a picture of u, yr wife, family and businesses if U want to be so supposedly truthful?!!. Personally, I believe that this is primarily political mudslinging and yellow journalism and straight-up cowardice! If U or anyone is so concerned.. do me a huge favor…my uncle Olandis was murdered by the KKK in 1962 Charlotte ,NC in a still so-called unsolved crime can u use yr ” investigative skills” to help solve that and bring his racist killers to justice?!!! As a Muslim, i believe firmly and uncompromisingly that when a person accepts Al-Islam, according to Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah, by publicly declaring “Laah E-Laah-Haah Ill-Laal-Laah – Moo-Ham-Maah-Dar Raah-Sue-Lool-Laah!!!” (translated basically as “There is no Deity/God/Object of Admiration and/or Deification or Obedience except God (whose name in ‘Arabic is “Allah”), [The One God Creator] and Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullah, (Prayers and Salvation of Allah (God) be upon him), is Allah’s (God’s) Messenger”!!! he/she gets a clean slate with God,i.e., that means that any sin they ever committed prior to that is forgiven/pardoned by Allah (God), which is good enough for me!!!. Very similar to the Christian Belief that whoever accepts Jesus Christ [Son of Mary] as their Lord and Saviour and believes that truthfully, that they have been “reborn” in flesh and spirit! doesn’t the Holy Bible teach..”Let him (her) without sin, cast the 1st stone!!!!”.. I don’t recall that any one did or can do so now!!! Also I again firmly believe that when a Muslim makes Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage to the Ka’abah in the Holy Spiritual center called Makka (Mecca), he/she also gets a clean slate w/ God (Allah)!!! I used to live w/ Shaykh Mustafah aka Mr Bradley, about 15 yrs ago, for several yrs , we slept side by side, prayed together everyday and broke daily bread together and when this same very damaging info was brought to my attention, I confronted him about it, to his face, and he denied it and expressed the fact that he needed to sue the now deceased CBS newsreporter, I think it was Mike Wallace, who was saying this things about him,..that was enough for me..Nuff said!!!..I never mentioned it again to him b/c his word was good enough for me, as a Muslim, also b/c he’s my Elder and I highly respect him!!! The same thing goes for Mr. Hagan, who I also believe has taken his Shahadatayn! I forgive him even though he confessed!! I believe that if U, Mr Abdur-Rahman Muhammad as well as yr followers/political-economic backers or anyone else associated with U, have a problem w/ Mayor Booker, the former Mayor Sharp James, President Obama and Attorney General Holder that u go confront them or their representatives and stop defaming the Islamic Faith, Muslims, Newark, NJ [which is a Muslim city Generationally from the late 1800s and early 1900s]!!. Although the Nation of Islam, under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad [RA] (May Allah forgive his shortcomings) did not know much about Orthodox (Sunni) Islam, we the FOI (Fruit of Islam) and MGTGCC (Muslim Girls Training General Civilization Class) were taught, very early, to be proud of who we were as Black People and Muslims! We didn’t suffer from low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence like many other people of color who were and still are subjected to blatant racism, economic exploitation, political disenfranchisement and social degradation then and now!!. I was a 12 yr old Jr FOI who was primarily mentored by one of the best men on Earth, to me, Shaykh Osman S, to be a gentleman, a future husband and provider. He suggested to me, early in my own Islamic development, to really learn the Islamic Faith and come back to the community and teach it and that’s what i’ve been doing for the past 35 yrs, May Allah ( God) forgive me for my mistakes and errors! I was also on the front line of the struggle for the Liberation of African Peoples, right here in America w/ the BPP/BLA and was even recently questioned by the Joint Terrorist Task Force/FBI, a few yrs ago, about some things that happened 40 yrs ago..I was surprized by the photos and info they had but there was absolutely nothing I could do to help them solve cold cases but I sternly told the Agents to never, ever go to my Mothers House six cars deep and scare her like that again or they would have a problem from me!!!. U see unlike many of U, we who are serious about our Islamic Faith don’t mind “dying” or being “killed” for what we believe in b/c we believe that we’re go “straight to Jannat/Paradise/Heaven”, where all religious people claim that they want to go anyway, right or wrong?!!! Anyway, i’m tired now and don’t want to be too long-winded! Please excuse me! In closing, Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz (Malcolm X/Malcolm Little) was and is an Islamic Shaheed (Martyr)!!! May Allah (God) ease his punishment in the Grave, make spacious his Grave, place abundant light in his Grave and Grant him the Highest Paradise (Al-Firdous) once he is brought back to life on the Day of Resurrection and Judgment! Malcolm X was not God nor should he or any other human being or Spirit be revered as such or as much as the The One God Creator, whose name in ‘Arabic is Allah!!! What happened to Malcolm X was his Pre-Destiny/Pre-Ordained Fate, written by Allah (God) 50,000 years before the creation of human beings in physical flesh, we call this “Qadr (Cod-Daar), in ‘Arabic,… The Good and the Evil of it is from Allah (God) and we accept it or should!! Many people are afraid to speak out about this situation , for whatever reason, but I’m not!! It’s no “Hot Potato!!! It is what it is and was what it was!!! The NOI didn’t and doesn’t harbor criminals nor does the Islamic Faith/Masajids/Mosques, Newark, NJ, etc.!! If a person (Muslim or otherwise) is a criminal, he or she has to answer to God for their activities and the Law, if and when they get caught!! Muslims are still a minority in America, so the majority of criminals are of what faith(s) ..think about it? I feel much better now..Please have a very nice day and please Be A Blessing for Someone In Need Of A Blessing!! Please feel free also to contact me, FB, phone call..whatever!! I Love Y’all for the Pleasure of Allah (The One God Creator)!!!

  31. lancelot45 says:

    Imam Shakur Abdulrahim, with all due respect I have serious problems with your previous post. If you did indeed know or “live” with this man (Bradley) and asked him if he participated in the assassination, what did you think he would say. It would appear that at least HE understands that (here in America) there is no statute of limitations on capital murder. Thankfully, we live in a society governed by rule of law, not by God (however you choose to term him/her) and it is illegal to take someone’s life. Whether you like or agree with it or not, is not it is up to “God” to make legal determinations in US Courtrooms. Mike Wallace admittedly is a bit “long in the tooth” (91), but as of this writting he is still alive. There are those (some who I know personally) who have kept an extremely close “watch” on this saga, (Malcolm X assassination) who have never mentioned Bradley’s “lawsuit” against Mr Wallace, which leads me to doubt the veracity of that statement. This was never reprted in the press? Did you ask him to provide some kind of documented proof? He is your friend and you believe him; that’s commendable. However, I am not his friend, and if this man is in fact Bradley, I doubt he’d be either boastful or candid about his role on February 21, 1965. Again I commend you for apparently “finding your path” from a religious standpoint, but with all due respect, I would caution you to never let your adherence to, and enthusiasm for your faith cloud your judgement, and please don’t expect people to believe as you believe just because “you say so”. If this man is in fact Willie Bradley, what he did was an overt act of cowardice. He remains so. The fact that he has evaded/avoided responsibility for this despicable act, which, as you know was carried out in front of the man’s family, is proof positive of that. Also, I read the original post by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, it never mentioned a PROBLEM with Booker/Obama/Holder, nor did it defame Islam or Muslims. (Did I miss something?) In any case you are very passionate about your position, and I respect that. I would also respectfully suggest that do more research and try to be more objective in the future prior to posting your conclusions/thoughts.

    Peace to you and yours Brother.

  32. […] BECOME SO WEAK, THAT THE KILLERS OF OUR MOST REVEERED LEADERS CAN JUST WALK AROUND FREELY!?!?! For The First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley; Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma… Posted in Black America by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad on April 22, 2010 Let the historical record […]

  33. […] There’s more, so much more it would fill a book and I promise readers that I will have it sketched out soon.  If I had more good investigators we could go city by city and find the same scheme.  The corporate press will not report one thing regarding education, from O’Reilly to Maddow, from Olbermann to Hannity.  Why?  Simple.  The plan to reconfigure education is of interest to all capitalists (GE owns MSNBC), be they right or ‘left’ and this is the problem.  There is simply no coverage and I have been told that now, opposition to Booker’s election bid on Tweeter is down to nil.   Black America also reported on April 27, 2010 that For The First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley; Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma… […]

  34. Imam Shakur Abdulrahim says:

    As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum (God’s Peace be Upon U), I dislike saying this but some of u are really sick!!! U are so caught up in practically “deifying” Malcolm X and don’t even comprehennd him as Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz, a real modern day Muslim Martyr!. That’s that fake Black nationalist/African Nationalist Pseudo -Revolutionary nationalism that is really Cultural nationalism that is often Masochistic and paternalistic and Anti-Woman anyway!! I hate it! This is America!!!.. U can love it or Leave It!! I agree with the Caucasian racists and bigots on this point!!!U are innocent until proven guilty, here in this country.,.supposedly..unless y’re a minority or other person of color!!!..prove the man is guillty instead of bad-mouthing him, his wife, Newark, NJ, Muslims and Islam!!!..I have a real problem w/ all of that!!!!. i’ve been and still remAIN IN THE TRENCHES for Freedom , Justice and Equality for all peole not just Black or African People, this what God teaches me from His Last revelation, i.e., Al-I Qur’an (The Holy Qur’an/Holy Koran and the Prophetic traditions (AHADITH) of Prophet Muhammad (Prayers and Slavation of God Be Upon him)!!!.. maybe what we need in America is God’s Law reinstated, that’s how we started out, ask the Pilgrims.. whom exploited our Native Americans (Indians) although it was a lot of White racism clothed in Christianity and Economic Exploitation.. I used to be a Christian, regular Church goer and even a Choir Singer, so i don’t hate or silike Christians or even Jews..I have several veryu good friends and Business partners from all faiths.. I believe Slavery was really an Economic Issue not primarily a Racial issue also!!.. If u wish to publicly debate these matters , it’s no problem ..Im open for it. I have a double degree from one of the nations most prestigious Universities, i.e., Rutgers University in (1) African-American/African Studies and (2) World History!! not only was i actually involved in the daily struggle for liberation of my people in the NOI, BPP/BLA but studied our struggle as a scientific and scholastic endeavor! Where were U? I didn’t just read about these things..I was there!!!. It’s all in my FBI Co-Intelpro, Joint Terrorist Task force Interviews, arrests fro revolutionary activism, court records, prison records, etc!!!!!.. As a matter of fact, an autobiographical short film was just made about my life, the good and the bad of i, by a highly respected PHD university Professor of another great and pretigious American University!! Do U really think i wantd/wantec my sins/mistakes to be broadcasted and placed on maybe someone will bernefit by the knowledge and i’ll receive some blessings from God even after my death, called Sadaqa Jariyyah (On Going Charity) In Al-Islam!…public knowledge…, so I have nothing to hide! It just makes me sick on my stomach and i FEEL LIKE Buddha Smackinh someone (obviously need some Anger Mgmt over these very sensitive and deep seated issues) (LOL)… that y’all can convict a man, and his family w/o a trial !!! Y’all are really the cowards!!!. I haven’t seen any of yr photos nor yr wives, or business establishments, what city u’re from, etc etc ,..none of that! Can someone , anyone please explain to me why? It’s really beyond me to understand that, since y’all are so brave! I really don’t get it!! MY Lord, please help me to understand!!!!? What’s up w/ that? i’m saying bring it if u have it!!! I’m straight up Bed-Stuy Do or Die and Brick city 4 Life!!! and what!!!??? Islamically, we take the word of a Muslim over a Non-Muslim anyday!!!, not like Christianity-Judaism or African nationalist religions/faiths/ideologies! Again, He w/o sin ..cast the 1st Stone!! didn’t our Beloved Jesus Christ, Son Of Mary,the Messiah, alledgedly say this in The Holy bible!!!???? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I can handle constructive criticism but spare me the nonsense!! do u feel Me??? If i had had anything to do w/ the murder of a major Historical figure..I would never , ever admit it either!!! But it’s not my position as a Muslim to pry into his alledged sin(s)!!!… nuff said! U can holla at me anytime or Fb, call me ,whatever , no problem!!! I’m a MAN, a real MUSLIM, even w/ my shortcomings and mistakes i’ve made in my life!! May allah (God) Forgive me and have mercy upon me!!! Ameen1 Amen! I stand by what I believe.!! and I’ll die by what i believe also!!! Allahu akbar! (God is the Greatest)!!! Like my 3 yr old son saids..”I’m intelligent ,not stupid!!!!” luv Y’all for the Pleasure of Allah (God, The One God Creator who is neither Male or Female, He just Is!!!!)..This is the belief of the the majority of Muslims , who are grounded in Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah, not the minority offshoots!!!.. They should fear God Alone!!! Ameen! Amen! Don’t really mean to offend anyone but U really have offended me personally b/cause a fool can see that this is political and probably economical!! come on people, please wake up and smell the coffee, what ever favor U like! Peace!!!

  35. lancelot45 says:

    Brother did you even read the original post?? No one (certainly not me) has “deified” Malcolm… The closest to that actually occurring is when you talked about your relationship with Bradley. In any case, forget all that… deal with the FACTS.. Just because you disagree with the way the information is presented, doesn’t in any way diminish the validity of the content. So all the “messianic” rhetoric aside, if this man is in fact innocent of the “accusations” leveled against him why no public rebuttal?? No defamation lawsuit (as you “claimed” he initiated against Mike Wallace)?? No need to get emotional Brother. It is what it is. I wonder if you know how it sounds when you say that you believe a Muslim over a “non-Muslim”??? WTF is that?? I had no idea Muslims had a monopoly on candor/truth. Being a “Muslim” doesn’t make one person any better than another.. does it? And your posts, which admittedly are, for the most part well written often digress into what seems to be chaos/fanaticism. Why are you talking about “slavery, economics, the Bible, the Qur’an, politics, college degrees, etc? How is any of that germane to the original post. Did this “man” do what he has been accused by many of doing, or not? That’s all I’m interested in. If he did, his black a– should go to jail or worse. And just so we’re clear, I’m nether overly impressed nor intimidated in the slightest by your background (where your from, your academic achievements, activism, etc.), so you can give that a rest. I am however, willing to debate you if you like. The problem is from what I can ascertain, you haven’t really offered much in the form of a cogent argument as it pertains to the “facts”. It seems like you are asking people to take this guy’s word that he didn’t do it, but you contradict that in your own post when you claim “If i had had anything to do w/ the murder of a major Historical figure..I would never, ever admit it either!!!” Which way is it gonna be brother? Sounds to me like you don’t believe your “Muslim” Brother ether. Again, I suggest that you relax, don’t take this thing so personal, Study the history of this particular incident, try to control your emotions, and stick to the issue. Also, please enlighten me (a “fool”, I guess) how this can be political/economical”?? Also, at this point “I get it” you are a devout Muslim, I respect that; there is no further need to “proselytize” (at least not for my sake). I am am agnostic, and that’s probably not gonna change, so we can put the religious rhetoric to rest… no?. I’m sorry, but I really can’t see how it adds to this discussion. This doesn’t have to be personal. If/when you make valid points (based on facts) I will concede to the logic… until then, I respectfully disagree with you Brother. As always I wish peace to you and yours.

    P.S. Were those veiled threats challenges meant to be taken seriously? SERIOUSLY!!!

  36. Osman says:

    Malcolm-X……….i love you..

  37. Osman says:

    where would we be without Malik Sahbaz El Hajji…?
    Please watch this

  38. babigirl says:

    Would Mr. Bradley please stand up and make a comment, ask for forgiveness, let the masses know what frame of mind he was in at that time in his life, did he do it for money or fame. Maybe this is why he is in the shadows, was he muslim when he killed Malcolm, I suspect he was. This is why he was in the mosque. May he not leave this earth without explaining. Is he still a killer? What further length would he go to? May his mind have been tormented with this killing and the farce of a life he has lived in Newark, NJ

  39. Super great read! Really!

  40. MASADA EL SADAT says:

    Peace to all!!! Imam Shakur Abdulrahim, brother why are you so angry? You come across as though you are Bradley himself!! Anyway if you knew how islam was brought to africans you may change the way you feel about islam. Lancelot 45, thank you for keeping your composure while this brotha wigs out and rambles about all kinds of nonsense. If we choose to deify Malcolm, we can! Thats the way i feel about it. You’re talking about what you would die for and all the rest, you need to meditate or something. You are not in control of your emotions black man!!!!! That suggests you are lacking some things in your spirit. You should want justice for him and his children!! What idiot would kill a man in front of his family? Tighten up family

  41. Lancelot45 says:

    Thank you Brother MASADA EL SADAT, I appreciate your kind words. It would appear as though Brother Imam Shakur Abdulrahim has taken some time off from this thread (hopefully to study the facts, or take some anger management, perhaps) In any case I wish you and yours lasting peace and prosperity. Thanks again

  42. Bro. Derrick 3X says:

    This article would help if it mentioned that agents were sent to the various mosques by way of the COINTELPRO program of the FBI. For all we know this man was an agent of the FBI assigned to infiltrate Mosque #25. Also the suggestion that the Nation wanted Malcolm dead is not only vile, but false.

  43. kwame says:

    Bro. Derrick, Immediately after Malcolm X was assassinated Muhammad Speaks quoted Farrakhan suggesting that Malcolm be killed. I would say thats “vile.”

    This is all a matter of public record. kzs

    • Bro. Derrick 3X says:

      Min. Farrakhan NEVER suggested that Malcolm should be killed. If you really read the article you’d know that.

    • Bro. Derrick 3X says:

      You need to read the entire article. Especially the part after “worthy of death”. You didn’t know it went on after that, did you? Of course not. Either that, or you willfully left it out to fit your agenda. It continued on to say “and he would have met with death if it were not for Muhammad’s confidence in Allah for victory over his enemies”. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad ordered all of us to “LEAVE MALCOLM ALONE”.

      • kwame says:

        Brother Derrick, you stated that Farrakhan never suggested that Malcolm be killed. This is obviously false. That fact that THEM instructed believers to “leave Malcolm alone” is an entirely different matter. Let me be clear. I have no way of knowing whether or not Farrakhan was involved in the murder. Personally I doubt it. But Farrakhan did suggest that Malcolm be killed. That is indisputable. kzs

    • Bro. Derrick 3X says:

      That’s still not a suggestion. It’s a statement of fact. When you show ingratitude to a man that cleaned you up from crime, and stood you up and gave you a platform and attack his character, yes that makes you worthy of death. However, it was not a suggestion that Malcolm should be killed. The last comment clearly stated that he’d have been killed a long time before Feb. 21, 1965 if it weren’t for the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s order to us. Malcolm incited the anger in us when he attacked his teacher. We wouldn’t have wasted no time in doing it if we did it. If we in fact did it, we wouldn’t lie to you. You’re nobody we have to lie to. But we didn’t do it.

      • kwame says:

        Bro. Derrick “suggest” or “fact,” thats a semantical argument but let us go with your framing. Minister Farrakhan made a “factual” statement about Malcolm X being worthy of death. Minister Farrakhan has also stated that he “contributed to the climate” that lead to Malcolm’s assassination. “Worthy of death” certainly could not have helped that climate.

        I don’t disagree that there was anger directed at Malcolm for speaking against THEM. In fact Malcolm himself pointed this out. And if, as you say, it was a “statement of fact” then it is not hard to imagine some indisciplined members of the NOI killing Malcolm. But, again, my comments were never about who killed Malcolm. I believe was that the US govt. was ultimately responsible. kzs

  44. Lancelot45 says:

    Whether he was an agent from Cointelpro, or MI5, or James Bond or the Man from U.N.C.L.E, if he committed this crime, he should be held accountable. Why is there still confusion about this? This man and all of his accomplices and co-conspirators should be brought to justice period. The NOI wasn’t the only group persecuted by Hoover and his ilk; to suggest or imply otherwise is disingenuous. Apparently (and sadly) they did harbor individuals who were “coon-ish” enough to do the government’s bidding (As did Malcolm’s group, I might add).

  45. Hajji Muhammad says:

    It’s still smoke and mirrors, forty five years later and some still prefer the fictional version of the assassination as well as the well crafted lies that Hayer and Thomas Johnson formulated at Auburn Correctional Facility between the years 1971-72. Not only were Butler, Johnson, Hayer and those named in Hayer’s sworn statement present, there were others also involved in well thought out planned hit.
    Many seem to forget the eye-witness account of of the murder a well known syndicated magazine reporter who positively identified Thomas Johnson and also testified to that.
    The statements given by most of the bodyguards were proven to be inaccurate and in some cases the accounts were fabricated to help cover up the assassination.
    As for the Government reopening the case, perhaps in another 50 years?

    • lancelot45 says:

      With all due respect Brother Hajji Muhammad, your post has has no point and offers no proof. You mention allegations by others, but without proof your allegations are not convincing in the slightest. Do you have any new information/proof to offer to the conversation? If not, your assertions will probably be dismissed, as well they should be. Who is the reporter you are alluding to? Lomax? Peter Bailey? Goldman? I have never heard mention of a reporter/columnist ever “testifying” in the Malcolm X murder trial. Benjamin Karim and James Shabazz were both officials in the NOI Mosque #7 under Malcolm X and have repeatedly and emphatically stated that neither Johnson nor Butler (both officials in # 7, and well known to Karim and Shabazz) were in the Audubon when Malcolm was assassinated. How do you reconcile that with your theories? My advice to you is to say what you are trying to say….name names. Give more than vague reference. That way people can do their own research and reach conclusions based off more than inuendo and bias. Peace to you all.

      • Hajji Muhammad says:

        The reporters name is “Scott”, now deceased. Both James & Benjamin admitted they never actually saw the gunmen, all their statements are post assassination, not eyewitness and besides who are you that you need further proof? Both had very good reasons to to disseminate the present story which on its face is false and has never been questioned, championed even by the Government? James was a hand picked spy for the Nation, he was an enemy of Shaykh Hasun and Malcolm, an opportunist, trying to poison him for which he was admitted to Harlem Hospital, being the reason for returning to Sudan, James knows he’s a liar, ask him why he stole money from Shaykh Hasun and why Ella accused him of trying to take over the AAOU, I guess according to your logic Ella didn’t know what she was talking about?
        James has been and will always remain in fear that if he talks he’s in big trouble? And how about 35X Smith, I guess his statements that he came off his post to chase Johnson was made up he was chasing a ghost or as Benjamin, James and brother Gene he was a renegade working for RAM?

  46. […] is still free having literally walked away from the scene of the crime and never looking back. See: For The First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley; Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma… Named assassin William Mckinely, never tried, appears to have dropped from the face of the earth. […]

  47. Hajji Muhammad says:

    One further note on the assassination and that is the U.S. Government will never reopen the case. There are too many informants, government agents, police personnel and procedures which would come to light and the government can’t afford the repercussions. There is also the least of all talked about point regarding the actual reasons for the assassination and the connection of Malcolm to the family of Imam Mahdi of the Sudan, the fact the enemies of Islam never wanted revealed, the connection of Malcolm to Hamaas Abdul-Khaalis, all inter-related and inextricably beyond the scope of even many so called “experts.”? The powers that be, both Muslim & non-Muslim, need the myth, the spectacle and the case cow. If it was anyone it was Malcolm that the FBI memo
    characterized as “the rise of the so called ‘messiah'” refers to none other than Malcolm, being feared when alive and feared even in death; Say not that those who slain in the way of Allah are dead, no they are alive and receiving sustenance from their Lord though you perceive it not.

  48. lancelot45 says:

    Hajji Muhammad,
    I will agree with you on one point, I am of little or no consequence in the “grand scheme”. That still does not make YOUR claims true. That being said, I never said or assumed that the government would re-open or re-investigate this case. “All their statements are post assassination”??? What does that mean? Everyone’s statement is “post assassination”..Malcolm was, after all assassinated. I don’t doubt that you may have interesting (and possibly even true) information about this event. In fact, I agree with much of your hypothesis as it pertains to the reason for Brother Malcolm’s assassination. I would add that I don’t care about James’ relationship with Ella or who took over the OAAU. I have talked to Professor James Small as it pertained to Ella, so I have a foundation there too. With all due respect while it is known that James had disdain for Shaykh Hasun, what does that have to do with this post? Even if as you assert Johnson and Butler were participants, that doesn’t diminish/dismiss the charge against Bradley (the original post). Or was your purpose siimply to lord your knowledge of the “real facts” (as you perceive them) over everyone else. And just so you know, I too have spoken at length with some of the “players”, as it were, in this tragedy. All of whom are documented “people in-the-know”, as it pertains to Malcolm X. My point is, I feel like my sources are as legit as yours. Also, I know Robert Smith sold Brother Malcolm out…that doesn’t take genius to figure that out. You, my good Brother, as well as many others have digressed greatly from the original point of the post. Quite frankly, I am interested in your take on Bradley. If you seek to explain what really happened (in it’s entirety) as you see it, then perhaps you should start a separate post devoted to the Malcolm X Assassination conspiracy. (Just a thought)

    Peace to you Brother.

  49. lancelot45 says:

    Also, to my knowledge, the late Stan Scott never testified in the murder trial. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  50. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Let me avoid contention, just want to deal with facts. As for Mr. Scott I personally made an inquiry and located him in New Orleans. He relocated there and when I spoke to him on the phone, more than 20 years ago he commented, “how did you find me,” he was very reluctant
    to talk, (he was fearful of retaliation) all he would say it that I stand by my testimony and I’m not going to discuss it on the phone, “its all in the minutes, (testimony).”
    As for my take on Bradley, it is my contention that the plot was actually larger than that disclosed by Zak Condo, who by the way I know personally, used to run into every so often at the Martin Luther King Library in DC and occasionally at the FBI reading room, for the record I was a former student of one of the bodyguards of Malcolm, who was it is (alleged) to having been silenced by a NYC Red Squad, the same one bro. Gene was a member of; he was silenced. He was executed the day after Butler was released. He said he was set up by members of the Muslim Mosques who were loyal to the NOI and who were working as informants. He also told me when I pressed him that Johnson was the one with the shotgun. In addition Johnson was also sentenced along with Butler for the attempted assassination of Benjamin Brown in the Bronx. he was given 15-16 years and it was run concurrent with the murder sentence. They were never exonerated, they were both paroled. They appealed the case and it was denied without comment.
    I can’t characterize it any other way since that’s the information I have. I would also like to see a Congressional investigation since there’s no statute of limitations on murder and the fact that its been 45 years should not be an obstacle?

  51. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Post Script: The comments that there is no actual footage of assassination is questionable? I can see in the footage displayed while members are attending Malcolm I can see clearly the body guard walking back and forth in the footage.

  52. lancelot45 says:

    I would very much like to talk/correspond with you as it pertains to this matter. Do have an opinion on Bradley one way or the other? Your assertions are interesting, to say the least. I still have not seen Scott’s testimony in the transcripts. That said, I’m not too big to apologize for my contentious demeanor towards you. I really would like to know more of the “unofficial story” if you are willing to share. Peace.

  53. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Thank you for the dialogue and let me say there is no need for you to apologize since you have to keep the pilot light lit, it has many uses (Hamaas Khaalis used to tell me that all the time).
    Its agreed that we are not satisfied with the varying versions and blatant manipulation on the part of the “government” spanning 45 years, not including the phase of the involvement of (the old War Department & State Department) for which I have declassified documents.
    I was certainly aware of the version that was being floated (Bradley), however as I mentioned it is in all probability more likely that the actual numbers of conspirators as well as actual participants is greater?
    As for the records of the minutes of Scott’s testimony the only reason I can postulate is that they sealed it? He did say specifically that he testified and it was a matter of record.
    Yes to your request, though I prefer not in this venue.
    Let me say though this is actually bigger in scope that just the what most have been focusing on; it is a very insidious plot and it involves many governments, individuals. Its easy to focus on the relative side of the crime, though the actual story is much more sinister and devious.
    Sort of on the scale of having to have our great grand children having to pay the bale out of those companies and banks who stole all those trillions of dollars while the public was sucked into a we got to go get those terrorist’s, an illegal war; classic slight of hand? The same applies in the case of Malcolm.

  54. lancelot45 says:

    My email is I am open to dialogue anytime I anxiously look forward to hearing from you… Thanx for your time and Peace to you Brother.

  55. nackt says:

    Great writeup.

  56. Laurence says:

    Does anyone know if there are any recent photographs of/interviews with John Ali on the internet?

    Thank You

  57. Kill the Devil says:

    Seems to be a couple of agents in this forum spewing disinformation that intelligence community’s two patsies thomas johnson & norman butler assassinated Malcolm X.

    Satan never sleeps!!

  58. […] of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, referring to an April 22, 2010, article titled “For the First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley, Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma…“ by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad. William Bradley In that article is the picture shown here of William […]

  59. […] of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, referring to an April 22, 2010, article titled “For the First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley, Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma…“ by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad. William […]

  60. […] of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, referring to an April 22, 2010, article titled “For the First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley, Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma…“ by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad. William […]

  61. […] assassin of the fiery black leader, whose face and name, William Bradley (aka Mustafa Shabazz) appeared for the first time in history on this blog one year […]

  62. […] Alleged killers of Malcom X revealed in this blog.   […]

  63. Ibn Waheed says:

    Close up of William Bradley at time of Assassination. He actually came out and tried to blend with the crowd that was beating up Hayer. He then quietly walked away. He is the one with the paper in his pocket in the image below:

  64. […] Comments Ibn Waheed on For The First Time in History,…kelly on Dr. Manning Marable Has Died a…Ibn Waheed on Dr. Manning Marable Has Died […]

  65. Jubbee says:

    Nation of Islam savages and its supporters routinely jabber on about government conspiracies, blah blah. Yet look at the sick irony that finds them behind one of the most notorious political assassinations of the 20th century. That’s too rich, LOL.

  66. William Robinson says:

    THe blogger is the basis for Manning Marbles assertions in his new book

  67. […] Comments Why Can’t They… on Talmadge Hayer, Assassin of Ma…P.J.Andreadakis on For The First Time in History,…William Robinson on For The First Time in History,…Jubbee on For The First Time in […]

  68. […] may have had foreknowledge of; it would also be a shame if avoiding a full investigation allowed a known, alleged perpetrator who currently lives free to evade […]

  69. […] One In… on Talmadge Hayer, Assassin of Ma…Why Won’t the … on For The First Time in History,…Contemplative One In… on New York Times Article on Malc…Richard Rowell on New York […]

  70. R. Garrett says:

    I agree with the consensus that ALL who are responsible for this miscarrage of justice be held accountable. REOPEN THIS CASE!

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  73. […] of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, referring to an April 22, 2010, article titled “For the First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley, Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma…“ by Abdur-Rahman […]

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  82. I find it very disturbingly ironic that this article condemns people like Talmadge Hayer, whom is a Muslim I know personally, for many years, as well as William Bradley, while not condemning the higher-ups within the Nation Of Islam who actually made the orders to kill Malcolm LIttle (May Allah mercify him). We have to remember something very clearly & honestly: these Men responsible for the assassination of Malcolm Little were not vigilante-style killers, these were professional assassins, hirelings,of the NOI: they were among the many countless members of the personal hit-squads of Elijah Poole (AKA Elijah Muhammad), the adulterous False-Prophet & Leader of the NOI.

  83. These Men didn’t act alone, and they would’ve never acted alone. Based upon what we now know, concerning the inter-workings & hierarchies of the NOI, we know that they ran a pretty tight-ship, especially when it came to neutralizing/eliminating persons whom were seen as imminent threats to the power-structure, publicity, image of the NOI, in which Malcolm Little was viewed & was a threat to all-3: these Men were as controlled as well-seasoned members of any military team of Special-Forces, they took their orders, without question, they were conditioned to only act & not inquire, very simple. So, when the order came to silence Malcolm Little, that’s exactly what they did.

  84. Basically, what I’m saying is that this assassination didn’t come out of a vaccum: it was a direct-result of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, when Malcolm Little was personally informed by Elijah Poole to not making any public, televised, statements regarding the murder of JFK, and Malcolm refused, he was thus removed from his post as National-Spokesman for the NOI, and then subsequently evicted from the realm of the NOI altogether, he then crossed a deep-rooted line, by exposing the adulterous-exploits of Elijah Poole, concerning his infidelity, with his office-secretaries, claiming that his adultery was “Prophetic”, which was obvious bullshit.

  85. So, in conclusion, there’s a lot more blame to go around, other than those whom were mentioned, regarding the brutal assassination of Malcolm Little.

  86. @ Gareth Bryant , the disrespect with which you refer to Brother Malcolm concerns me. He didn’t even refer to himself as “Malcolm Little”. Why would you persist in doing so? Did he not earn the right to be called Malcolm X/Brother Malcolm/El Haj EL Malik Shabazz? Additionally you brought no new information or ideas to the discourse of this thread. In short, what’s your point? And your boy Talmadge Hayer/Thomas Hagan/Mujahid Abdul Halim/whatever (coward that he was/is) is full of it. He may have fooled you and many others with his “supposed” contrition for his involvement in the infinitely cowardly act of murdering a man in front of his family, but I and others don’t buy it. In fact your posts actually fortify my assertion that on top of the fact that he was dumb enough to allow himself to be used/played so easily, he has yet to be completely candid about the facts as they pertain to Brother Malcolm’s assassination/execution. N, this coward gets neither a pass nor forgiveness. In short f*#@ him.

  87. My name is Majid Shaheed formerly of the Nation of Islam mosque #25 newark, New Jersey. Graduate of Muhammad University of Islam 1975 located at 257 So Orange ave Newark, New Jersey.
    At the time of the events of brother Malcolm X I was only 9 years old, I grew up in the Nation My father was security for Minister James Shabazz, I was very disappointed learning of the actions of Elijah Muhammad concerning those ninie young sister that Muhammad fathered, I felt just like Maloclm x felt, betreayed, Malcolm dedicated his life to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, Lets get something straight Elijah Muhammad was not a prophet from God the Nation of Islam does not represent the world community of Islam, I don’t even consider them muslims, they hide behind the religion just like the So called Christians do, Allah say in the Quran O’ ye who believe be stead fast in prayer and believe in the unseen, but the Nation of Islam had us believing the Fard Muhammad was God in the flesh, that’s not Islam. Even when it comes to RAMADAN, We would practice it every December by sustaining from eating meat for 30 days we didn’t read the Quran every day OR PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that the people that took bro Malcolms life should rot in Hell.

  88. […] There’s more, so much more it would fill a book and I promise readers that I will have it sketched out soon.  If I had more good investigators we could go city by city and find the same scheme.  The corporate press will not report one thing regarding education, from O’Reilly to Maddow, from Olbermann to Hannity.  Why?  Simple.  The plan to reconfigure education is of interest to all capitalists (GE owns MSNBC), be they right or ‘left’ and this is the problem.  There is simply no coverage and I have been told that now, opposition to Booker’s election bid on Tweeter is down to nil.   Black America also reported on April 27, 2010 that For The First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley; Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma… […]

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  90. Andre says:

    Wow. I appears that most of us have not learned the lessons that the history of Malcolm X’s assassination teach. The fledgling Nation of Islam was attacked by the seasoned and well fortified U.S. government which has a well documented history of using their most powerful institutions to foil our (Black people’s) pursuit of Freedom, Justice and Equality.

    The same government who murdered us by the MILLIONS and exploited he natural friction that comes between any people who struggle to be free is basically mentioned in passing, while the blacks whose ignorance and flaws were manipulated to incite Malcolm X’s assassination are railed against mercilessly.

    Some have found it more convenient to embrace the admitted murderer of Malcolm X and bludgeon the NOI with the weak, false charge of being “Kufr” and step in the shoes of “The Best Knower” and conclude that members of the NOI are not real Muslims?!? How arrogant. Allah will decide.

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  92. […] placed to positively identify Al-Mustafa Shabazz as being little more than an older and greyer William X Bradley, the long-suspected shotgun assassin of Malcolm X. Mr Farrakhan’s continued failure to do so can […]

  93. […] ‘Inside Job’. Bradley’s appearance in the Cory Booker TV ad was first spotted by researcher Abdur Rahman Muhammad of the Singular Voice […]

  94. eTEjCu says:

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  95. […] the person believed to have fired the fatal shotgun round which took Malcolm’s life – made a fleeting but chilling appearance. This alleged killer, Al-Mustafa Shabazz (formerly known as William X Bradley), is alive and well […]

  96. Rodney C Jones says:

    Reblogged this on Walking Through My Mind.

  97. […] For The First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley; Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Ma… […]

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